Customer Reviews

Louise Weston
4 hours ago

Had my hizero for 2 weeks. absolutely love it! Floors have never looked so clean in 20 years. made a boo boo -put a parr back incorrectly after cleaning.
contacted customer service. best service ever via messenger. highly recommend this product.

Stacey Walker
5 days ago

The Hizero product is honestly life changing! I had to wait for a month for mine to arrive which felt like it took FOREVER but when it was here - It was like Christmas! 😍

I used to steam my tiled floors...

Tara Saba
1 week ago

AMAZING! Game changer. Love my Hizero 👌🏼

Elizabeth Banton
4 weeks ago

Wow ... if you have high gloss tiles .. you need this mop. It does ..and only for a few minutes .. leave a little water mark ... but then gone. No mop marks are left on the tiles. Because of the high gloss .....

Tara Fairlie Davison
1 month ago

OMG the Hizero, has been a game changer for me. Honestly. I run a daycare from Home and I can't tell you how much mess is constantly on the floor. The floor cleaning has become my easiest and most enjoyable part of cleaning up. 🙂

Jarrod Hill
2 months ago

Amazing if you have little ones. brilliant bit of kit.

Lynette Eastburn
2 months ago

I love this mop. When I was told about it I flinched at the price. My friend then bought hers to my place to demonstrate... after seeing it in action my next thought was “I want one”. I have high gloss large white tiles throughout...

Pj Walsham
2 months ago

its perfect and does the job

Linh Dover
3 months ago

I have written a rave review about all the things I love about the Hizero and I think ever since, your sales must’ve shot up 😂😂 there is literally nothing I don’t love about it!!!

Shweta Chanchal Elias
3 months ago

I’ve just got mine yesterday... I’m in love with it.. my house looks so smart with the it.... really happy ....I’m a kind of person is hard to impress.. but .. this smart tool.. impressed me so much... made my life .. easier..n I’ve...

Leah Wills
3 months ago

My favourite purchase since moving out of home 100%
I love my Hizero ❤️

Sue Reynolds
3 months ago

I purchased my HiZero about 3 weeks ago and absolutely love it. We have our house on the market at the moment and the HiZero makes keeping the floors clean a lot easier! I too have a bad back which is usually aggravated by vacuuming...

Kaz Granfelt
3 months ago

Ease of use and stunning results. Floors have never looked so good

Rachel Clyburn
3 months ago

I 100% recommend the Hizero. We have laminate floors and it has halved my workload in time and effort. Before, I would vacuum then mop, now I just pass over the floors once with my Hizero. It is lightweight so doesn’t hurt my lower back...

Sam Williams
3 months ago

Absolutely LOVE my Hizero! Best thing I’ve ever purchased for myself 😍❤️

Mary Pav
4 months ago

I loathe vacuuming and mopping with a passion!
I was elated to find a 2in1, however for hard floors only.
Very convenient and does a beautiful job in my living area. I love that it’s very quiet, the unit swivels beautifully around...

Katrina Peters
5 months ago

life saver, especially around little kids.

Diana Novicki
6 months ago

It’s been a little over 2 weeks since my purchase... this is hands down is the best appliance I’ve owned 🙌 It has changed my life.. We have been asked who polishes our floorboards, they look brand new, nope it’s my Hizero. We don’t wear...

Dani Baker
6 months ago

Omg the most amazing machine! My house is cleaner and I’m a much happier person and stressed less knowing my house can be mopped and vacuumed at once! Life changing! Thank you so much!!

Margaret Shepheard
6 months ago

The best product I have ever purchased and I have purchased quite a few.

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