Customer Reviews

Margaret Shepheard
2 weeks ago

The best product I have ever purchased and I have purchased quite a few.

Terese Packham
2 weeks ago

My floorboards have never looked better, no more film on the floorboards which showed every footprint. Hizero has saved me from the stress of having wooden floors. Fantastic machine very easy to use.

Claire Marie
4 weeks ago

I love my Hizero. I thought long and hard about getting one after watching Iryna with hers from her insta stories (fromgreatbeginnings) but after my bike accident, I am so glad I got one. I was in a wheelchair for 3 months. It is the...

Helen Galijan
1 month ago

Love it - A mop which vacuums at the same time as it mops, so easy to use and than leave on charge for the next mess!

Mark Lau
2 months ago

Great service and absolutely what an amazing product!

Su Zhou
2 months ago

Skilled Hizero seller.

Donna Stephenson
2 months ago

So easy to use. No more back breaking effort, just a smooth gliding action. Highly recommend to all

Felicity Meredith
2 months ago

Our Hizero is literally life changing! I really hate mopping but I love vacuuming, being able to now vacuum and mop at the same time with the Hizero is AMAZING! 🙌🏻
It saves us a lot of time and as it’s also self drying...

Jenny Tao
2 months ago

Ridiculous price for a “mop” right? Ridiculously worth. every. penny.
Thank you Hizero you’ve changed my family’s life, now I just need to match my bed to be as clean as my floor!

Rachel Fawkes
3 months ago

The Hizero has made my most hated chore into one I actually love! So easy to manoeuvre, picks up all the dirt and doesn’t leave behind any streaks! I would recommend this product to everyone. Absolutely love it! Thank you to the Hizero Team!

Emma Galloway
3 months ago

I went to the home show in Perth to see if the Hizero really was as good as what I had seen on social media...
Let me tell you, it is even better!!!
The hizero is seriously amazing and is so easy to...

Eliza Olsen
3 months ago

This mop is hands down the best appliance I have ever purchased. Actually I think it’s the best thing I have ever purchased. It actually works so well. It’s been life changing for me as a busy mum of four. Honestly do yourself a favor...

Robert Sedman
3 months ago

Hizero is the best cleaning appliance in the world So easy to use and CLEANS the floor to a level never experienced before I live it

Kim Hitch
4 months ago

I have bought many products that offer so much but deliver very little.
I have used it on my floorboards & all the tiled areas in my home. Absolutely fantastic & what I was...

Adrienne van Romondt
4 months ago

A great machine and easy to use. Hard to believe that you can vacuum and wash your floors at the same time!

Louise Keys
4 months ago

Highly recommend this so good!

I have 4 kids they make mess but this machine just pick up everything on floor crumbs dirty water spill i love to use this machine everyday use & mop every floor tiles before bed highly...

Stella Guest
4 months ago

This is the best purchase I have made it has halved my cleaning time and gives excellent results. I love this machine.

Jodie Holmes
5 months ago

Love how much time it saves me and my floors are streak free. The floor dries within minutes, no more yelling at the kids to not walk on the wet floor. The best timesaver I have bought!

Leanne Dixon
5 months ago

I love the Hizero 4 in 1 mop. I hated having to drag the vacuum cleaner out, vacuuming, putting it away, preparing Mop and bucket, waiting for the floors to dry. With the Hizero it is over and done with in a flash and cleans...

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