Customer Reviews

Linh Dover
2 weeks ago

I have written a rave review about all the things I love about the Hizero and I think ever since, your sales must’ve shot up 😂😂 there is literally nothing I don’t love about it!!!

Shweta Chanchal Elias
2 weeks ago

I’ve just got mine yesterday... I’m in love with it.. my house looks so smart with the it.... really happy ....I’m a kind of person is hard to impress.. but .. this smart tool.. impressed me so much... made my life .. easier..n I’ve...

Leah Wills
2 weeks ago

My favourite purchase since moving out of home 100%
I love my Hizero ❤️

Sue Reynolds
1 month ago

I purchased my HiZero about 3 weeks ago and absolutely love it. We have our house on the market at the moment and the HiZero makes keeping the floors clean a lot easier! I too have a bad back which is usually aggravated by vacuuming...

Kaz Granfelt
1 month ago

Ease of use and stunning results. Floors have never looked so good

Rachel Clyburn
1 month ago

I 100% recommend the Hizero. We have laminate floors and it has halved my workload in time and effort. Before, I would vacuum then mop, now I just pass over the floors once with my Hizero. It is lightweight so doesn’t hurt my lower back...

Sam Williams
1 month ago

Absolutely LOVE my Hizero! Best thing I’ve ever purchased for myself 😍❤️

Mary Pav
2 months ago

I loathe vacuuming and mopping with a passion!
I was elated to find a 2in1, however for hard floors only.
Very convenient and does a beautiful job in my living area. I love that it’s very quiet, the unit swivels beautifully around...

Nadira Scott
2 months ago

I only have 1 arm that works and struggle to get my floors done. I have now cut my 4 hour floor cleaning time down to 20min and my floors are cleanest they have ever been. I just did my floors after my house cleaner...

Katrina Peters
3 months ago

life saver, especially around little kids.

Diana Novicki
4 months ago

It’s been a little over 2 weeks since my purchase... this is hands down is the best appliance I’ve owned 🙌 It has changed my life.. We have been asked who polishes our floorboards, they look brand new, nope it’s my Hizero. We don’t wear...

Dani Baker
4 months ago

Omg the most amazing machine! My house is cleaner and I’m a much happier person and stressed less knowing my house can be mopped and vacuumed at once! Life changing! Thank you so much!!

Margaret Shepheard
4 months ago

The best product I have ever purchased and I have purchased quite a few.

Terese Packham
4 months ago

My floorboards have never looked better, no more film on the floorboards which showed every footprint. Hizero has saved me from the stress of having wooden floors. Fantastic machine very easy to use.

Claire Marie
5 months ago

I love my Hizero. I thought long and hard about getting one after watching Iryna with hers from her insta stories (fromgreatbeginnings) but after my bike accident, I am so glad I got one. I was in a wheelchair for 3 months. It is the...

Helen Galijan
5 months ago

Love it - A mop which vacuums at the same time as it mops, so easy to use and than leave on charge for the next mess!

Mark Lau
5 months ago

Great service and absolutely what an amazing product!

Su Zhou
6 months ago

Skilled Hizero seller.

Donna Stephenson
6 months ago

So easy to use. No more back breaking effort, just a smooth gliding action. Highly recommend to all

Felicity Meredith
6 months ago

Our Hizero is literally life changing! I really hate mopping but I love vacuuming, being able to now vacuum and mop at the same time with the Hizero is AMAZING! 🙌🏻
It saves us a lot of time and as it’s also self drying...

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