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HIZERO No Suction Technology F803/F500

Hizero UltimateClean uses bionic technology to simultaneously sweep & mop all hard floors in one pass. Whilst also separating the waste for easier cleaning.

How does our innovation work?

How does a Hizero pick up liquids and solids

Cleans your floor
The Polymer Cleaning Roller rotates to pick up all the mess from your floor. No matter if it’s liquid or solids, or even that hard to clean dust.

Removes hair
The Brush Roller is specially designed to work with the cleaning roller to pick up hair off your floor.

Removes solids
The Brush Roller pushes all solid waste into our hard waste tray, which is then easily removed for cleaning.

Removes Liquids
Water sink grate squeezes out liquid waste and automatically transfers it to the dirty water tank, free from solids.

How does Hizero Polymer Cleaning Roller Work?

Picks up
The Cleaning Roller rolls automatically over the floor, picking up all dirt and dust, like a magnet.

As the Cleaning Roller picks up the waste, the brush roller then “brushes” all the hard waste into the tray.

The Polymer Cleaning Roller is constantly kept clean, by being flushed with clean water. Clean water in waste water out.

As the Cleaning Roller rotates, it is “flushed” with clean water and ready for the next cleaning cycle.

How do Hizero Water Tanks Work?

Clean water supply
The Clean Water Tank supplies clean water to flush the Cleaning Roller during rotation.

Dirty water collection
The Waste Water Tank collects all dirty water squeezed out from the Cleaning Roller.

Always Clean
The two separate water tubes for clean and dirty water enable the Hizero to always use clean water to clean your floor.

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