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Six Reasons why you should choose Hizero.
1: NST- No Suction Technology means no noisy or smelly emissions
2: High density polymer roller cleans better than microfibre
3: Separates hard waste & liquid waste for easier cleaning
4: 60 minute run time, almost twice the others
5: Very low noise level, less than 60db, clean quietly
6: Best after sales service & support checkout our customer reviews.

You can do Magic, with the New Hizero F500! Sweep & mop all your hard floors in half the time!

Totally different technology to all the others .
It’s not a vac mop , it’s not a steam mop !
It’s a HIZERO bionic hard floor cleaner !!
New HIZERO F500 Hard Floor Cleaner, uses “bionic” technology to “sweep & mop” at the same time.

Unlike all the others it does not use suction, which means no smelly, noisy or dusty emissions. Unlike a steam mop it does not heat the water so it’s safe for all wooden floors.
It also uses patented & exclusive technology to separate the hard waste from the liquid waste, making it easier to clean!

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New Hizero F500 watch me set up, use & clean in 2minutes.Quick & easy to set up, efficient & effective to use very easy to clean. If you want clean hard floors for the festive season get in early.

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Why choose a HIZERO hard floor cleaner over all the others? (Cut open demo unit in video)

1: No suction technology means no noisy/ smelly emissions 
2: Uses a Polymer roller for a deeper clean not microfibre
3: Separates hard waste from liquid waste, no sludge!
4: 60 minute run time, longest on the market 
5: Easy to remove long hair from the brush roller with our new cleaning tool, included with the F500
6: Best after sales support & service by a dedicated team.
7: Seven days a week online live chat ( no bots here😀)
8: Over 35,000 sold, Product review winner 3 years in a row!

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No problems 💪💪💪
Unlike ALL the others, HIZERO uses bionic technology.
It sweeps & mops at the same time!!

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Cleaning after meals is easy with HIZERO😀
Clean around & under furniture with the Hizero F500
Cooked noodles & even sticky cooked rice, no problems!

Clean all your hard floors with bionic technology. Sweep up hard waste absorb liquid waste in just a few passes.
Hizero the ONLY hard floor cleaner that does not use noisy suction technology. Instead uses a high density polymer roller to sweep & mop simultaneously.
Register now to be notified about our new shipment due early November. Search Hizero Australia.
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HIZERO v cooked rice 🍚 & sauce , v cooked noodles 🍜 & sauce, no problems 💪
Wet or dry mess, soft or hard mess, fine dust, long hair, short hair, pet hair, HIZERO to the rescue.
Checkout why you need a Hizero in your home and why it’s superior to robots & wet/dry vacs.
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Cleaning up after the kids have eaten? 
No problems! HIZERO Sweeps & Mops in the one pass. 

Why do we say SWEEPS & not vac & mop? 
Because Hizero is the only hard floor cleaner on the market that does not use vac technology. Instead uses bionic technology to pick up debris & mop your floors at the same time. The secret is in the polymer roller it’s like a heavy duty & thick sponge that collects waste like a magnet & mops at the same time. Cordless with a 60 min run time and the only hard floor cleaner that separates hard waste & liquid waste.
Any questions please speak with our online chat team.
HIZERO F500 v cereal & milk, on tiles, polished concrete, vinyl floors & wooden floors. No problems.
Do you want a “deeper” clean than a wet/dry vac or a robot? Then HIZERO is the way to go. 

HIZERO uses a high density PVA polymer roller to scrub your hard floors clean. It sweeps up debris & mops your floors at the same time. It automatically separates the waste into different compartments so it’s easier to clean. 

The F500 is currently sold out please register at the link on our home page to be notified about our next shipment.
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HIZERO F500 v long hair! Checkout how it collects the hair and then see where it goes & how we clean it. Very easy !!

Why should you choose a Hizero over all the others ?
* No suction technology means no noisy/smelly emissions 
* Polymer roller technology gives a deeper clean 
* Exclusive waste separation technology 
* 60 minute run time longest in the category 
* Very low noise level less than 60db
* Product review winner 3 years in a row 
Local support, local offices, best after sales support.
2 Year Factory Warranty.
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Checkout the new F500 model, unbox, set up, use & clean. Easier to use, easier to clean, same Hizero cleaning power!💪💪Any questions please ask our online chat team.

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New Hizero F500 in action in my kitchen! Wet or dry mess no problems for the Hizero! Sweeps & mops in one pass!

Cut cleaning time in half with an all in one hard floor cleaner 
Cordless with a 60 minute run time, 500ml clean & waste water tanks, quiet operation, easy to use, easy to clean. 

Use promo code SPRING for 10% Off RRP and Free shipping with a 2 year warranty supplied by a local family business.
Offer ends 23/9 unless sold out prior
The New Hizero F500 with redesigned cleaning head! Makes cleaning your hard floors even easier! 
Same UltimateClean bionic technology using the patented polymer roller that sweeps & mops in one pass. 

What makes Hizero unique & different from the others:
1: No suction technology = no noisy & smelly emissions 
2: PVA Polymer roller = cleans better than microfibre 
3: Exclusive waste separation tech = easier to clean 
4: Cordless with 60min runtime 
5: Best after sales service & support.
Over 30,000 sold since 2018
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New Hizero F500 is here. It takes just a few minutes to assemble, then charge for 4 hrs before first use. 

Are you ready for “deep cleaned” floors ?

Unlike every other brand Hizero uses a High Density Soft Polymer roller not microfibre to gently scrub your floors clean. Also unlike the others it separates the waste & does not use suction to pick up the debris..

In stock now for fast & free shipping
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New HIZERO F500 with fully redesigned cleaning head.
F500 uses the same UltimateClean bionic technology as previous models but makes improvements as listed below.

1: All cleaning is now done from the top, just open the lid
2: The metal filter grate is removed from the top
3: The hard waste tray is U shaped easier to clean 
4: it has a built in side filter to prevent blockages
5: Both the cleaning roller & brush roller lock into place using a small handle both from the top
6: Material improvements to the cleaning head.
7: Upgraded motors for both rollers
8: Upgraded water pump & air pump
9: Quiet locking & unlocking the handle from the head.
The F500 is a further “evolution” of the already successful & popular 801 & 803 with over 30,000 sold to date. 

Launch offer released on Monday 4th September
HIZERO v human hair, no problems and easy to clean.. Human hair, animal hair, long hair or short hair 👍

Hizero has exclusive features & benefits:
**Uses a soft polymer roller to sweep & mop, more effective than microfibre 
** No suction technology means no noisy or smelly emissions 
** Separates hard waste & liquid waste into different containers, easier to clean
** 60 minutes continuous run time 
** Low noise level & great for reaching under furniture 
** Best after sales service & support. 7 days a week online support. Five support offices across Australia. 
** Product Review award winner 🏆🏆🏆, 3 years in a row!
HIZERO v vacuum cleaner! Checkout the result after we clean the same area with a vacuum then HIZERO.

HIZERO has no suction technology, it uses a polymer roller to sweep up debris & mop your hard floors at the same time!

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HIZERO v dried on stains. Peanut butter, Vegemite, Jam, Coffee & Tomato Sauce..dried on for 24hrs .. no problem.

Switch the HIZERO to mode 2 to increase the water flow & hover over the stain, job done in less than 2 mins!!

If you’d like to cut your cleaning time in half get yourself a HIZERO now. Preorder using code AUGUST to save $100 Off RRP & a Free Twin pack of detergent. 

Offer ends 31/7 Ships from 2nd August.
HIZERO v our kitchen floor in our office. Checkout how it cleans a floor that doesn’t look that dirty
HIZERO v Dark floors during a vacate clean. Watch what we find after the professional cleaners have been in. Dust, dirt, hair & a lot of detergent!
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