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See it in Action

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HIZERO now back in stock! All in one hard floor cleaner uses bionic technology to sweep & mop in one pass. Forwards to collect the debris & mop, backwards it mops again. Note, Hizero is not a vacuum so there are no noisy, smelly emissions. Hizero is not a steam mop so it’s safe for all wooden floors. Get one today use promo code AUGUSTSAVE100. For $100 off RRP & Free Shipping. Offer ends 31st August.
Hizero to the rescue! Quick & Easy Clean up after meal time. Hizero sweeps up hard waste & mops your floors at the same time. It uses exclusive bionic technology, it’s not a vacuum so there are no exhaust fumes or dust blown back into the environment. (Great for asthma & allergy sufferers) it’s not a steam mop so it’s safe on all wooden floors. New shipment arrives 18th August, join the club to be notified.
See why you need a Hizero all in one hard floor cleaner. Sweeps & mops in one pass. The only floor cleaner that does not use vacuum technology, means less noise & no exhaust smells or dust. Hizero does not use steam mop technology so it’s safe on all wooden floors. Quiet, effective & efficient. (F801 shown in video replaced by F803)New shipment due 18th August, sign up to the club for special offers.
Ever wondered how the Hizero actually works to pick up wet and dry waste? See the view from underneath, the polymer roller & the black lip on the hard waste tray work together to collect both wet & dry debris simultaneously. No vac technology means less noise & no emissions, no steam technology means its safe on all wooden floors. Questions? 
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Cleaning up after breakfast? Quick & easy with the Hizero. 60min run time, quiet & efficient, separates hard & liquid waste, the polymer roller sweeps & mops at the same time in one pass. Hizero does not use vacuum technology so less noise & zero emissions, Hizero does not heat the water like a steam mop so its safe on all wooden floors.
Winter mess? No problems Hizero cleans wet & dry mess in one pass. No suction technology means it’s quiet & efficient at cleaning all hard floors. No steam technology means it’s safe for all wooden floors. Separates the waste for easy cleaning, cordless with 60 min run time, you can do your whole house in one charge. 
Use promo code JULYSAVE100 to save $100 off RRP & free shipping. Hurry limited stock
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See how the Hizero works on painted or polished concrete surfaces. Hard waste, liquid waste no problems. It sweeps & mops forwards, then mops again backwards. And it separates the waste for easy cleaning & disposal. 
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Checkout how the Hizero cleans a dark wooden floor. Watch the video to the end where we do the tissue test to see how clean the floor really is. See for yourself why the Hizero is so effective. EOFY sale now on , use promo code EOFYSAVE100 for $100 off & free shipping. Ends June 30
Hizero cleaning a laundry mess on rough surface tiles with a very busy pattern 😂. Grass, tanbark, leaves water, dirt, it will clean anything in its path. Sweeps up hard waste & mops at the same time. Perfect for winter clean ups in your laundry or mud room. 
EOFY sale coming soon join our club to be notified.
How to clean & maintain your Hizero so it’s always ready to use. Pull apart & remove all debris, then run the mode 2 internal clean. It’s not a steam mop, it’s not a vac it’s a Hizero.
Checkout how the Hizero works to clean your hard floors. Sweeps & mops forwards, mops again backwards. It uses separate water tanks, clean water in, dirty water out. Separates the liquid waste from the hard waste for easy cleaning. Cordless with 60 min run time, quiet less than 60db noise level. It’s slender design also allows it to get under low lying furniture. It’s not a steam mop so it’s safe for all wooden floors, it’s not a vacuum so there are no nasty emissions. It’s a Hizero 😊
Cleaning the bathroom. Quick & easy with Hizero, hair, toothpaste, toilet paper no problems. Sweeps up hard waste & mops your floors at same time. Hizero is the ideal gift for anyone in the family.
Cleaning up an Easter mess? Chocolate, sultanas, milk all mixed together! Hizero bionic hard floor cleaner to the rescue. Sweeps up hard waste, mops up liquid waste in one pass. Use promo code EASTER to save $100 off Rrp & free shipping. Ends Easter Monday
Watch how the Hizero cleans on different surfaces with different mess. Hard waste , liquid waste no problems. Sweeps & mops in one pass.
Hizero cleans up hard waste & liquid waste simultaneously! No need to sweep & mop separately. It’s also very easy to manoeuvre around furniture. Join the Hizero club on our website to be notified of upcoming promos & events.
How to pull apart & clean all parts of your F803 Hizero in around 5 mins. If you need any help talk to our live chat team online 7 days a week. We use real people who have a Hizero at home,not bots. (Emily, Callie, Annie & Dino)
Dirt, grass, mud, water all mixed together. See how the Hizero collects all the hard waste & liquid waste separately. Cleans both wet & dry mess on all hard floors. Use promo code “MARCHSAVE80” for $80 off Rrp and free/ fast shipping. Ends 27 March
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High gloss wooden floors, no problems. Dry mess, wet mess, Hizero sweeps up & mops at the same time & separates the waste for easy clean up. Join the Hizero club on our website to be notified of upcoming offers. Questions? live chat online 7 days a week.
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