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Six Reasons why you should choose Hizero.
1: NST- No Suction Technology means no noisy or smelly emissions
2: High density polymer roller cleans better than microfibre
3: Separates hard waste & liquid waste for easier cleaning
4: 60 minute run time, almost twice the others
5: Very low noise level, less than 60db, clean quietly
6: Best after sales service & support checkout our customer reviews.

Hizero v 2 metres of cooked, sticky rice.💪
Sweeps up hard waste & mops at the same time.
Separates the waste for easy cleaning, cordless with a 60 minute run time. Join our club for 10% Off your first order.

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Hizero trade & save for other brands.

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Hizero v 2 mts of cooked noodles!💪 

Try cleaning this mess with a vac, mop or broom 😭 Hizero sweeps & mops in one pass, wet or dry mess, no problem!

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Hizero leaves very little water behind when mopping & floors dry in minutes! The secret is in the highly absorbent polymer roller, exclusive to Hizero. 

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New Hizero F500 sweeps & mops in one pass. Easy to set up, use & clean. In just 2mins see why you need a Hizero in your home! 

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Easter clean up with the New Hizero F500! No problem 😉 
Clean up before & after your guests have been over.
Quick & easy, sweep & mop in half the time.
Easter 🐣 Sale On Now. Save Up To 20% Off RRP. 

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HIZERO v a new build after the commercial cleaners have been in and done a full clean. Hizero provides a deep clean & picks up all the fine dust & excess detergent left by the cleaners! Check it out!

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Hizero F500 V long bathroom hair, no problems! Use the special tool included to easily clean the hair off the brush roller. Long weekend sale on now.

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See the all new Hizero F500 in action on different floors with a different mess. Small jobs or full house clean, no problem! 

Sweeps & mops in one pass, separates the waste, deep cleans using the polymer roller, 60 minute run time, quiet less than 60db & suitable for all hard floors.

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Trying to clean with a BIG dog following you around! Sweeps up hair & debris at the same time mopping your hybrid floors. Hizero v Big Dog 🐕 no problem 😉
Hizero v hybrid floors, rice & water😊

Checkout how it sweeps up the hard waste & mops up the water at the same time in one pass! 💪
The only hard floor cleaner that uses a high density polymer roller for a deep clean, on ALL hard floors. 

Visit a showroom for a demonstration or chat with our team online 7 days a week. 

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Breakfast accident! Cereal & milk all over the floor! Hizero F500 to the rescue 🛟 

Sweeps up hard waste, mops up liquid waste & simultaneously cleans your floor. Perfect for spills or a full house clean. 60 minute run time & separates the waste for easy cleaning. 
The ONLY brand on the market that does not use suction technology, quieter & more efficient!

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Hizero v the outdoors. 
Grass & dirt mixed with water !

Sweeps up hard waste & mops up liquid waste. Separates them into different compartments for easy cleaning. 60 minute run time, very low noise level, less than 60db. 

It’s not a vac, it’s not a steam mop, it’s a Hizero!!
Dried on dirt? No problems for Hizero! 💪
You asked for it here it is, checkout the Hizero v dried mud.

Exclusive polymer roller technology sweeps up hard waste & mops the floor at the same time. Separates the waste for easier cleaning. 60 minute run time perfect for spills or full house cleans. Tiles, laminate, hybrid, vinyl, concrete, timber, marble, suitable for all hard floors.

Questions please chat with our Aussie based team online.
7 days a week. 

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Breakfast mess? Cereal & milk, no problem for Hizero F500!
Sweeps up the hard waste & mops the liquid waste in one pass. Separates the waste into different containers for easy cleaning. Questions ? Chat with our team online.

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Rice & sauce v Hizero! No problems 💪

Unlike ALL the others on the market Hizero uses no suction technology to quietly clean the mess. It even separates the waste for easier cleaning. With a 60 min run time you can use it for a quick clean or entire house clean!

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Weet Bix & milk v HIZERO 💪No problems.

Sweeps & mops in one pass, separates the waste for easy cleaning. Cordless with a 60 minute run time 

Perfect for a spill or a full house clean.
Cut Cleaning Time In Half!

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We’ve done it again! 

Winner in the “Hard Floor Cleaner” category for the FOURTH year in a row. Checkout why you need a Hizero!

Check out 
Thank you to all our 35,000 customers 😁
Is your baby starting solids? More food ends up on the ground than in their mouth! Hizero is here to help 

Sweeps & mops in one pass. Makes meal time a breeze.

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How to care for & clean your new F500 Hizero in 90 seconds!
Daily clean & weekly clean. It’s quick & easy just follow the steps. Need help our chat team are online 7 days a week.

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