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The World's First All In One Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner

HIZERO UltimateClean™ technology incorporates science based on bionics to deliver an innovative way to clean your hard floors. An all-in-one cordless hard floor cleaning solution that sweeps and mops utilizing a unique polymer roller. The high density polymer is not only effective at cleaning but gentle on your floors.

Award Winning Hard Floor Cleaners

HIZERO UltimateClean bionic technology. The the only cleaner on the market that utilizes No Suction Technology to sweep & mop simultaneously in one pass. Exclusive & patented technology.

HIZERO Hard Floor Cleaners

  • HIZERO Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner -NEW F500

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  • Hizero Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner – F803

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  • Twin PK anti-bacterial cleaning solution 1L (2pcs)

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  • HIZERO Maintenance Pack – Cleaning roller, Brush roller & Solution 1L

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Features & Benefits

HIZERO is suitable for all hard floors that are sealed & water resistant. Utilizing the polymer roller & bionic technology it separates hard waste & liquid waste in one motion during use. Clean quietly at less than 60db noise level & cordless with a 60min run time. It’s not a vacuum so there are no noisy & smelly emmissions, it’s not a steam mop, so its safe on wooden floors. Cut cleaning time in half.

Multifunctional Hard Floor Cleaner, suits tiles, wood, hybrid, vinyl

High Density PVA Polymer Roller

Automatically Separates Liquid and Solid Waste

Quiet Like a Conversation at 60dB

Cordless 60 min run time, 4hr charge time.

No noisy & smelly emissions. NST = no suction technology

HIZERO Exclusive Technology.

HIZERO hard floor cleaner, uses exclusive no suction technology utilizing the polymer roller to sweep & mop at the same time. It also separates hard & liquid waste into different compartments, another Hizero exclusive.

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Wet & Dry dual cleaning.

HIZERO All-in-one hardfloor cleaner is effective on all types of hard floors, tiles, wood, hybrid, vinyl & others. It’s effective at cleaning almost all types of mess that may happen in your home, wet or dry. Hizero, cleaning made easy.

HIZERO Australia best hard floor cleaner Australia Hair Vacuum

Wet & Dry Hair

HIZERO Australia best hard floor cleaner Australia Breakfast Spills

Dry Spills

HIZERO Australia best hard floor cleaner Australia Kids Crayon Drawing

Dirt & Dust

HIZERO Australia best hard floor cleaner Australia Spaghetti Cleanup

Solid Spills

Discover our ‘How To Videos’ for the Hizero Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner

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How does HIZERO work, bionic technology

It’s not a vacuum, it’s not a steam mop, It uses bionic technology to clean all hard floors

How to use your HIZERO F801/803 model

The best way to use your Hizero sweeps & mops simultaneously.

How to assemble your HIZERO F803

How to assemble your F803 (there will be traces of water in each bottle, factory testing)

How to clean your HIZERO after use F803/801

Clean your Hizero in less than 2 mins, do this after each use. Download Printable Instructions here

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