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HIZERO Bionic Hard Floor Cleaners

The revolutionary HIZERO hard floor cleaners harness unique UltimateClean technology, based on bionic science to easily clean your floors. Throw away your mop & vacuum cleaner, we’ve create the perfect All-In-One cleaning solution that sweeps and mops in one pass. The high density Polymer roller, gently sweeps up debris, dust & hair, while also simultaneously mopping, leaving your floors hygienically clean. The exclusive waste separation system in each Hizero, ensures hard waste & liquid waste are stored into separate compartments, for easier cleaning.  Cordless with a 60min run time you’ll be able to clean the entire home on one charge. Hizero, cleaning made easy.

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  • HIZERO Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner -NEW F500

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  • Hizero Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner – F803

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