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Need help setting up your HIZERO.? Need support with your HIZERO? Please watch our “how to videos” listed below

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How does HIZERO work, bionic technology

It’s not a vacuum, it’s not a steam mop, It uses bionic technology to clean all hard floors

How to assemble your HIZERO F803

How to assemble your F803 (there will be traces of water in each bottle, factory testing)

How to use your HIZERO

The best way to use your Hizero sweeps & mops simultaneously.

How to clean your HIZERO after use

Clean your Hizero in less than 2 mins, do this after each use. Download Printable Instructions here

HIZERO weekly cleaning routine

Weekly cleaning in less than 4 mins. Download Printable Instructions here

HIZERO control panel lights, what do they mean F801 & 803

Blue light is good, Red light requires action, see the control panel.

How to clean the waste water tank lid F803

Cleaning the waste water tank filter & float mechanism. Model F803

How to clean the waste water tank lid F801

Cleaning the waste water tank filter & sensors on the green stem. Model F801

How to run the internal/self clean function 803

Running the mode2 internal clean on F803.

How to run the roller & internal clean F801

Roller & internal clean function mode 2, run weekly with Hizero solution.

Hizero F803 trouble shooting

How to pull apart clean and reassemble your F803

HIZERO trouble shooting F801

Pull apart clean & reassemble as shown, also check the condition of the rollers.

HIZERO battery reset

No power, remove & reinstall the battery

How to clean the wheels on your Hizero

All 4 wheels can be easily removed for cleaning.

How to clear an internal blockage 801 & 803

If the waste water tank is not filling you may have a blockage.

How to clean the brush roller 801 & 803

The brush roller comes out for easy cleaning.

How to soften the cleaning roller before use

The cleaning roller must be fully soft & moist before use.

How to remove the metal grate F801 & 803

Remove & clean the metal grate weekly. Remove filter push out the grate.

Cleaning your HIZERO F801 pre July2019

Cleaning the 801 Hook model PRE July 2019. (requires a hook)

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