Need help setting up your HIZERO? Or want to know more about looking after your HIZERO? Watch our helpful ‘How to’ videos below to get the best out of your HIZERO.

How to fully clean your HIZERO (full version )

Fully clean weekly

How to maintain & clean your HIZERO

(Purchased FROM July 2019)

How to maintain & clean your HIZERO

(Purchased BEFORE July 2019)

How to use your HIZERO

The right way to use Hizero

How to assemble your HIZERO

From late Oct19 no wires to connect

How to clean the sink drain new green filter model

Purchased from July 2019

How to clean the brush roller

Cleaning brush roller & cavity behind

Removing & cleaning green filter tab

Remove the filter tab & wash weekly

How to clean the waste water tank lid filter

Remove & wash green/black filter inside lid

How the new handle connects no wires

From late Oct 2019 no more wires to connect

How to do a self clean use Mode2

Run mode2 with Hizero detergent weekly

Soaking the polymer cleaning roller.

The cleaning roller must be wet & soft

What does each light mean on the control panel

Blue is good, Red requires action.

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