HIZERO Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner (F500)

HIZERO cordless, hard floor cleaner Model F500
Suitable for all hardfloors that are sealed and water resistant.


HIZERO Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner F500

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HIZERO cordless, hard floor cleaner Model F500
Suitable for all hardfloors that are sealed and water resistant.


  • Sweeps & mops simultaneously in one pass.
  • Cordless with 60 mins run time
  • No air pollution uses NST-No Suction Technology
  • Does not heat the water it’s not a steam mop
  • Separates solids & liquids for easy cleaning.
  • You can clean 50sq mts in around 10mins with 500ml
  • The cleaning head swivels left & right and rotates around 70 degrees
  • Very low noise level less than 60dB
  • Suitable for tiles, concrete, laminate, hybrid, wood, vinyl floors.
  • Quick & easy cleaning all done from the top, just open the head.
  • 7 Days a week online support

Whats in the box:

  • One Polymer PVA cleaning roller
  • One Brush roller installed
  • One Clean water bottle 500ml
  • One Waste water bottle 500ml
  • One hard waste tray
  • 100ml Hizero detergent sample
  • One cleaning brush, One brush comb
  • One lithium battery installed, one power adapter
  • One storage dock
  • Instruction booklet & warranty card

Award Winning Floor Cleaners

Discover the HIZERO F500 Hard Floor Cleaner

HIZERO introduces NST =No Suction Technology. Hizero uses bionic technology to sweep up debris & mop your hard floors at the same time. No longer do you need to sweep & mop separately. The exclusive bionic technology and Polymer roller cleans your floors in half the time!

Features & Benefits

HIZERO UltimateClean technology utilizes a high density polymer roller to create bionic movement, to sweep & mop at the same time in one pass. Suitable for all hard floors, Hizero is your new best friend that will cut your cleaning time in half! The updated F500 model allows you to clean everything from the top, pop open the cleaning head and its all there, quick & easy.

Multifunctional Hard Floor Cleaner, suitable for all sealed hard floors.

High Density PVA Polymer Cleaning Roller

Automatic waste separation for solids & liquids

Quiet Like a conversation at 60dB

Cordless 60 min run time, 4hr charge time.

NST-No Suction Technology, no noisy & smelly emissions.



What's inside the F500.

Model F500
Cleaning Technology UltimateClean™ Bionic Cleaning Technology
Cleaning Roller Material Polymer PVA
Realtime Roller Self Cleaning Yes
Deep Self-Cleaning mode 2 Yes
Solid & Liquid Dual Processing Yes
Voltage 18.25V
Power 38W
Adapter Input 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.6A
Adapter Output 24V DC 1.0A
Cleaning Roller RPM 90rpm
Battery Capacity 2150mAh
Clean Water Volume 500ml
Dirty Water Volume 500ml
Net Weight 4.1kg
Runtime >60min
Noise level < 60dB in all modes
Color Black, white, space grey
Charging Direct plugging
Cleaning Solution Hizero hard floor cleaning solution
Motor Aerospace brushless motor
Dimensions 300mm x 225mm x 1200mm
Packaging Dimensions 935*380*190mm
Packaging Weight 8.65kg

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